Dr. Clo Air Sterilization Stick

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    • Dr. Clo is an US FDA-registered Class 1 Hospital Grade disinfectant product designed to provide airborne protection, which creates a shield against bacteria and viruses. The patented nanotechnology works continuously for 6-8 weeks in an effective coverage area of approximately 150 sq. ft., leaving no chemical residue in the air or on surfaces.

      • Keeps food safe and additional longer by contravention down pesticides and substantial metals often found on nutrition goods. Dr. Clo will help you to keep safe foods and nutrition

      • Anti-viral properties shield against bacteria, viruses and fungi

      • Breaks down toxic inorganic matter.

      • Engineered to withstand heat, humidity and cold temperatures

      • 99.9% sterilization and 99.8% deodorization

      • Lasting effect up to 60 days per stick


      Sodium chloride (less than 14%) solution, hydrogen chloride (less than 5%) solvent, distilled water



      Dr. Clo Bathroom invention has been explicitly engineered to weather the moisture of bathroom atmospheres.


      Perfect for purifying your car, take Dr. Clo sideways for the ride. Dr. Clo original technology remains to deodorize and disinfect even although the vehicle is fixed.


      Effectively use for dogs, cats to clear up pee, deodorant and sterilizing agents. Lasting effect up to 60 days per stick


      Dr. Clo Refrigerator original and FDA recorded information safely refreshes and purifies to keep food fresh by infringement down toxic lifeless substantial that may be present-day.


      Save the whole house refreshed and disinfected against worms and bacteria with the original, FDA-registered power of Dr. Clo.

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